Thursday, February 21, 2008


Swimming is given high priority in our physical education programme in term 1 and 4. Teachers are well aware of the need to promote ‘swim safe’ attitudes, water confidence and swimming for survival., especially as we live next to the sea. The importance of this was supported by all staff doing a swim coaching course in the holidays. A group of parents also run swim club at the Eastbourne Pool on Thursday night.

We aim to ensure that all children acquire basic water safety skills and behaviours that are necessary to enjoy the water. However, we know that swimming lessons on offer need to be well structured and focused on gaining water confidence, learning to swim, safety awareness, survival techniques as well as swimming competence. Our programme progression takes the children through readiness stages from beginners in water confidence, developers of water confidence, competence in water confidence and finally lessons in water safety skills. We know that our role in the education of swimming plays a significant part in helping children understand the dangers, hazards and the risks that are associated with pool, lake and beach swimming. Given the very high percentage of New Zealanders who love the water and visit our lakes and beaches, it is vitally important that schools play their part in reducing the risks of water accidents.

Children will often be exposed to water activities whether through their school, clubs, friends or family outings. Swimming competence will help to make sure that any physical activity in water is fun for them, safe and beneficial to their physical wellbeing. Swimming enhances personal fitness enabling access to a range of outdoor water activities. It is also a potential life-saver! So it’s important to be aware of your child’s confidence level in the water and of the options available to help your child to learn to swim with confidence, including the local swimming clubs that provide professional coaching. Parents are encouraged to be proactive in leading their children towards swimming competence and water safety.

The school swimming sports will be held shortly is only one aspect of the school’s water programme and such competitive events create an exciting atmosphere that recognises both effort and excellence in swimming.
Please note the dates in your diary –
Year 1-2 – Naenae Pool – Tuesday March 18 – Week 7
Year 3-4 – Eastbourne Pool – Tuesday March 11 – Week 6
Year 5-8 – Huia Pool – Wednesday March 26 – Week 8

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