Sunday, March 16, 2008

Room 9's blog

I enjoyed reading room 9's blog the other day. They have been very busy this term and have done some delightful art. You may like to pop in and see their good work. Kate won't mind. One of the things that was on the blog was the sharing of the visit from one of our parents, Russell Smith. Last year Russell organised for all the children to grow swan plants so that we could attract more monarch butterflies to Eastbourne. This recent visit was a chance for the children to feedback on the progress their plants are making and to drop of some cacoon laden plants for the children to watch hatch. Despite a few mishaps,, (our plant at our house was eaten by the rabbit) there seems to be some success. Thanks Russell. Check out the blog at There is also a link to the Orphans of Nepal website on there.

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Mr Eames said...

I will get Kate to put it on the Enviro-Blog!!