Monday, April 28, 2008

Anzac Day

Eastbourne provided a wonderful setting for the Anzac Day commemorations on April 25th. Many of our children were part of the ceremony through the scouts, cubs and the keas. With the RSA looking at enhancing the memorial, through an initiative from our BoT, there was a new addition to proceedings through the discovery of 28 names from the rugby club of soldiers that died serving their country. Gussie McDonald represented Muritai School in reading out 10 of the names of the fallen. Matt Girven (Wellesley), Michael Gray (San Antonio) and Alex Kane (rugby club) were the other Eastbourne children involved.28 juniors from the rugby club wore their playing kit as a mark of respect. Jack Crawford (Y8) and Millie Griffiths (Y2) laid flowers on behalf of the school. This really enhanced the occasion and it was lovely to see the youth of Eastbourne handed this honour.

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