Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting stuff

I follow the class blogs quite closely and always enjoy the presentations that the teachers and children make to share the things that they are doing at school. Kirsten Berry and Room 22 has been doing some great stuff lately and by visiting their class blog you can see the extension that the children have involved in as they enter the last term of the year. I found the Dangle experience a stunning piece of work and their logging of their new Innovation unit really exciting. Clearly the kids are engaged, finding things enjoyable and being the best that they can be. Barbara has been recording our new entrants first days at school in slideshows. This is a nice record for all the families can enjoy. Starting school can be a daunting experience for a 5 year old but when you see them in the blogs then you can see the kids are pretty happy to be at Muritai.

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Rosie said...

Hi Mr Bird,
The whole school is doing well with the blogs!
It's great to see all of the stuff you have been up to and it looks everyone is having a great start to term 4! The Technology challenges were a lot of fun.

Nice blog!
Rosie Room 23.