Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogging at Muritai

As you know all classes have blogs. A trip to feedjit indicated the Stu Devenport's blog in room 13 was the most visited blog in Wellington with Kim Cookson in third place. It is nice that people are visiting our class blogs as it opens our classrooms to the wider community without having to visit into class. Stu and his year 5 class have made an awesome video of how to make paper and Kim and her year 1 class have blogged the visit of her father, an electrician, in support of their inquiry unit on 'Flick that Switch'.

It is a very interesting development and by being part of the 'blogging community' we have huge access to some really neat things being done by teachers and classrooms around the world. You may like to visit this really neat site about logging the teaching of  maths in a  virtual way.

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