Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A different set of 3Rs

I particularly enjoyed Natalie Anderson's commentary on a different set of essential skills that children should be taught through education - resilience, risk and rebellion.

Resilience is one of the foundation attributes she would like her kids to develop. Life has its knocks. It just does. It isn't fair and it isn't always easy. But the ability to pick yourself up and box on is essential.

Risk taking is something that she notes can be hard as a parent to watch. "I turn my back as my lot ride a foam mattress as fast as Schumacher down the stairs and shut my eyes when the three years olds climb onto the trampoline." Learning to be ok with making an idiot of yourself - and to be ok with giving something a really good go and failing, is something else she wants for them.

Rebellion is to have courage in their convictions. To be able to take a stand against authority or against the tide of popular pressure.To be strong individuals who are confident and who want to make a difference - who are passionate enough to make a stand against something? That would be awesome.

It is an excellent article and shows the width necessary in children's development. You can read the full article here.

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