Friday, June 4, 2010

Dyslexia and male and female brains

I had the pleasure of attending a 4D conference on Dyslexia in Auckland this week. The morning session was presented by Neil Mackay, a teacher and trainer who created the concept of the Dyslexia Friendly School, something we are aspiring to achieve. Our determination to improve access for children with learning difficulties to the curriculum is based on our desire for all children to be achieving and being their best. To do this we must accept different ways that children can show us they understand concepts, knowledge and skills. It was a fantastic day. You can check out some of Muritai thinking at Sarah's learning support blog.

In addition to this Neil showed us a clip from Mark Gungor where he explains the difference between female and male brains. This clip is VERY funny.

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Sarah McLaren said...

Never a truer word spoken in jest! Ranks with Celia Lashlie in terms of insight ...