Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Managerial Approach to Education

There have been some significant philosophical changes in education since National won the election in 2007. Firstly Anne Tolley, and now Hekia Parata aim to improve student outcomes through increasing structures around measuring schools. Time will tell if outcomes improve but it would be fair to say input from the sector around these policies has been minimal, along with additional funding. Anyway Kelvin Smythe, a long time devotee to education in New Zealand has put together a questionnaire that  accurately timelines the events of the last few years. It is quite difficult to digest, considering the importance of education to our nations standing.

Click here to view the questionnaire.

In regards to measuring how efficient our education system is you can't get much better feedback that the world wide measure (of similar countries) through the OECD.

How good is New Zealand?

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