Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bumnotes....Muritai School Band

Being principal of a school you get to see many amazing things done, created or performed by kids who in reality very young people. I refer to them as the magic moments and I believe that only teachers and parents get to see them as children are generally the ones that create them. The BumNotes are 4 kids (Gus, Rupert, Louie and Harry) from Muritai School who love music and each time they perform I marvel at the sheer talent of these very young kids. Aged just 11 and 12 we are all enjoying seeing them go from strength to strength in their own right and their frequent performances at our school assembly are extremely popular in Eastbourne! They are working on their own material, their own songs, and in term one they went into the recording studio and Gus's dad put together this film making Cyber Race their "first" music video.

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