Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nelson - week 5

I am in Nelson with the lower North Island, top of the South Island ICT cluster schools. It has been a great trip with some great collaboration and sharing of ideas between Principals, lead ICT teachers and facilitators working within MOE ICT clusters. Yesterday we were talking about developing systems for sustainability beyond the end of the cluster, at the end of the third year. It shows the need to build a leadership culture within the schools to manage a significantly reduced PD funding structure and the managing the potential of staff turnover.

Richard and Stu joined me today and we visited 3 fellow cluster schools - Brightwater, Ranzau and Appleby and looked at their teaching and learning ecologies. We saw lots of excellent ideas at integrating ICT, inquiry and key competencies into the learning programme. It was also good to get some neat property ideas for shade, sandpits and halls! I am looking forward to digesting this trip in relation to Muritai, which in my eyes, continues to be a leading school in integrating ICT and inquiry ecology.

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