Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Class lists

Class lists will be coming out on Friday. This is always a stressful time for many. We have encouraged the children to write down who they would like to be with and this has formed the basis of forming classes. In addition to this we use parent information and teacher observation throughout the year and we have formed 16 classes that look as though they will be very successful. It is important to note that not all children’s wishes are able to be fulfilled through their friendship flower. There will be some changes for some children as we look to expand their friendship groupings and make sure that the classes are even and have a workable dynamic about them. In particular the year 6 group will be go from being in three classes in 2007 to being spread across 4 classes in 2008. We know though that the year 7-8 syndicate works really well in a composite format and with 6 rotations and various forms of streaming and opportunity throughout the week they have huge potential to continue their relationships with other children.

Children will spend time in their new classes on Monday between play and lunch and get to meet their new teacher. If I may I ask you to be supportive of the school through this process. What may seem as a disappointment to some children needs to be seen as an opportunity for them. They have all been placed with lovely children and excellent teachers. Sometimes being with a best mate may not be what is best for children in the learning environment of the classroom. Fresh starts are often the best and with a positive attitude nothing should stand in the way of the children having another successful year at Muritai.

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