Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The end of term

With 3 days before the end of term I am looking forward to heading to the NZ Principal's conference in Christchurch tomorrow. A good chance to catch up colleagues from around the country and listen in to keynotes focussing on the concept of leadership. These sort of events tend to fill your head with possibilities and the challenge is to convert good ideas into action. I look forward to it.

Muritai is hosting a conference on the first day of the holidays. Guest speakers include Mark Treadwell (new curriculum) and Rachel Boyd (classroom blogging). 110 teachers from Petone are coming. Muritai staff are running 10 workshops - a good chance to share the good work that we are doing with others.

It has been a very good term. Parent interviews tomorrow reflect back on the written reports from last Friday which summarised the half terms work. The kids seem in good spirits, if a little tired. The staff are pleased with their term's work and looking forward to some non-contact time. Next term's programme looks exciting culminating with the School production in week 9.

Looks like the Muritai juggernaut is set to continue next term.

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